Commitment to Excellence

Aljazeera Labels and Packaging is a trustworthy company with multiple supply chain resources around the world. Our diverse partners have allowed us to offer a competitive price with a fast turnaround time, giving our customers the flexibility that they need to ensure that their brand has the highest quality packaging.

Our team members collectively have extensive experience in the printing industry. The Company is proud to offer packaging of the highest quality to our customers. Our understanding in branding and commitment to customer service along with the importance of absolute attention to detail allows us to help our customers to focus on growing their business, and leave the packaging side to us.

We import a wide variety of the best raw materials, have robust technology and emphasis on strict quality control methods to ensure that the packaging we provide is only of the highest quality. We are certain that there are no shortcuts to achieving the highest quality standards.

Our ultimate goal is to be your packaging partner and support you how ever we can, because in the end of the day, we know that we when our customers are successful, we are there along with them.

Self-Adhesive and Wrap Around Labels

Labels Pack a Powerful Punch. They grab attention, endure environmental conditions, meet regulatory requirements, and proudly promote your brand. With Company’s experience in converting labels, it can determine the optimal materials and the required adhesives for your labeling requirements. We use state-of-the-art printing technology to provide affordable, full-color custom labels and stickers of all shapes and sizes.

Cosmetic & Perfumery Labels

The brand value of cosmetic products is improved with eye-catching graphics, foiling, rainbow & metallic effects.

Water Bottles Labels

Water bottles wrap around labels can be printed according to customer’s needs with high quality and different substrates. 

Edible Oil Labels

This highly price-sensitive market also calls for sound ideas to create a win - win situation for clients, and achieve cost tolerance. 

Lubricant Labels

Including labels for small lube bottles to large drum labels, the range of lubricant labels is expanding. 

Barcode Labels

A full range of barcode labels is offered to satisfy labeling requirements, either as stock blank tags or pre-printed form. 

Blank Labels

Blank labels are used wherever non-uniform products have to be marked such as food with different weights and different prices.